Here in various categories you’ll find some of my own books as well as book projects I have been or currently am a part of. There will be a snapshot of each book along with buttons for each title, including:

You can preorder a book with this button before its official release, and the link will take you to where and how.

These above are typically the five major online platforms for buying books (ebook and possibly print). You might have a preference.

These above are sometimes offered by authors, and if so, a button will appear by their book(s).

This will take you to the author’s website, where they might have books for sale directly and of course, all kinds of other information.

Here are the categories of some of the books I am/have been a part of:

By Rodney Miles
As Credited Collaborator or Contributor
As Publisher, “Bimini Books” (Find out more about Bimini Books here)
As Co-Author