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I’m finishing the writing! And the editing! And the Launch Community and launch plans! Please reach me to be included.The Book Dude’s Guide to Self-Publishing is NOW AVAILABLE for PREORDER for JUST $9.99 $4.99!. And will be officially released on Tuesday, July 18, 2023. At last! The podcast will start up first, though. Do sign up if you’d like to be among the first to buy OR … I’ll be looking to form a street team and find beta readers prior to launch, likely. I might also soft launch this puppy. With my last launch (Inspiring Women Today, Volume 1) I gave a bunch of books away, so we might do that also.

Welcome to the BOOKSTORE!

Here you can find my books (make that "our books" including my wife's children's books) as well as many clients' books. I always want all of us getting more sales and reviews, and I hope you'll find, buy, read, enjoy, review, and share those you find interesting here (pretty please?). They are all worthy books, with worthy—amazing, actually—authors behind them.

As I started to build the page in WordPress, I thought to find a plugin to make this all easier (and better) and found "WBG Books," free version (so far), which I'm really happy with (again, so far). Then I found I could register and become an Amazon Affiliate, so these links go to each book's Amazon page (and I guess I'll one day maybe get a few cents for each sold through this site... ?), but many or most are also available from other booksellers like Barnes & Noble, iBooks, KOBO, Google, and so on. Would love your feedback on the bookstore!

These are organized by my own designated categories, so please scroll, or you can click the links below to jump to the categories you're interested in. Please know that the nicest thing you can do for an author besides buying their book is reviewing their book (not necessarily only on Amazon, btw), and then sharing their book with other! Please enjoy!



Not clients, but authors I learn a great deal from. I recommend their books, in addition to mine (lol).

Study them. Look at book descriptions, cover designs, anything you can glean.

And if I join a library that includes these authors, I’m very proud : )

MY (our) BOOKS

Inspiring Women Today

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