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Moving Away Will Be Okay! (Moments with Massy ™)

 Author: Kellie Carte-Sears  Category: Children's, Client Books

MOVING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN can be exciting, but there are times it can be scary or confusing, if not distressing for them. So how does a child successfully cope, adjust, and ultimately, be happy and even excited about moving to their new home? And how can you as a parent or guardian help accomplish this? The new book Moving Away Will Be Okay! is the first in the Moments with Massy ™ series, and can help.
Although wise and compassionate for her young age, when Massy learns she is moving she finds herself consumed by emotions and filled with questions. But her lovable cat Blue, guides her through the process in a mindful, lighthearted, and playful way. Together, their adventurous journey takes them to a place of understanding and happiness during this change in their lives.

In Moving Away Will Be Okay!, children will relate to Massy and Blue, while adults will learn to lean on the emotional support by bringing a sense of security during changes and challenges that children experience. Moments with Massy ™ is designed to help adults create open and direct lines of communication vital to healthy life transitions, to identify children’s feelings, acknowledge commonality, and ultimately provide instruction to a path of emotional growth and wellness. And while the story is indeed about moving, the universal message conveys valuable life lessons for all children. Love has no boundaries, is always where you are, and follows you no matter your address.

In an upbeat rhyming style similar to Dr. Seuss, whether you are moving or not, this fun and entertaining adventure will surely capture every child and family’s heart.

“Your house will change,
Your room will change,
You’ll even change your street;
You can decorate and change the style
To make it super neat!”