I didn’t think up giving single consultations, authors who reached out to me did. I used to offer a free intro call and didn’t have a time limit set to them (now 15 minutes), and we’d sometimes run long. Sometimes very long. I like helping and sharing ideas, but my wife pointed out this was “stupid.” And yes, it was, actually.

The purpose of an intro call is to meet and verify if (a) I want to work with you and (b) you want to work with me. The purpose of a consultation, of course, is to prepare you for success with your book project by listening and then advising based on your own goals and situation.

I’ve had several authors want this service and offer to pay for an hour and advice. Out of an hour we can also design a project plan based on what was discussed. Each project is different, as different as people and situations, even while there are best practices and an ideal sequence as well. Remember our Book Creation Cycle? Well, not everyone does all of the steps, and you don’t have to.

So I now offer two kinds of private, one-hour consultations and they’re very quick and easy to set up. You can simply pay and choose from available times on my calendar, no need for an intro call or anything else. And, with your first consultation, if you then purchase a block of hours (5 or 10), I’ll credit the entire first consultation fee toward your first block of hours. Cool, right?

You can buy a one-hour private consultation either with ($200) or without ($125) a follow-up, customized, suggested, written project plan that I deliver within 24 hours after our call. It’s a really wonderful way to make sure you’re starting out your project right, and a great way to have a plan to guide you throughout. It’s a great way to tell someone about your goals and situation, and to then get professional advice catered to you. And if you’re a real DIYer, no sweat. You might only need a one-hour meetup, or you can always simply schedule a consult whenever you run into a need, or have them here and there along the way.

All you have to do is click here or the button below, and Calendly takes care of payment and scheduling. Before our call I’ll confirm with you by email and send either a phone number or Zoom link and we’re all set. In fact, with your permission we’ll record, and I’ll share that with you as well.

As a good friend and branding genius, Lauren Clemett, says, “I don’t do difficult.”