Start your NEW LIFE or CAREER.
Become an AUTHOR with a GREAT BOOK.

DO YOU WANT to write and publish a book but—

  • Don’t have the time?
  • Don’t know how?
  • Need help writing it?
  • Don’t know where to start?
  • You can organize and write your first draft but not sure what to do after that?
  • Don’t know how to publish?
  • You’re scared, worried, or frustrated by it all?
  • You’re not sure what’s stopping you?

As with anything, insight, guidance, and inspiration can make all the difference in the world. You get those things by hiring or learning from an expert. And we're not just talking about your results, we're talking about your experience getting there. I think you should enjoy the ride as well as the results.

After being involved in over 200 books, I now serve authors in four ways:

  • With white-glove FULL-SERVICE, doing all the heavy lifting, freeing your creativity and time whether we start with an idea or your notes and materials,
  • If you have a draft already, by offering AUTHOR SERVICES to get you professionally designed, produced, published, and launched,
  • By providing DIYers the know-how, insights, and inspiration needed through EDUCATION and COACHING for great books and great experiences,
  • By creating EVENTS and opportunities for authors to grow and enjoy the ride, like on a cruise!

I’m glad you found me, and I hope we get to meet and talk about your ideas. I know how books change lives and make dreams come true. Please enjoy the website, it’s a perpetual work in progress. If I link to anyone it’s because I know, like, and trust them, not because I make a few cents on your clicking. My hope is that I’ve provided enough value here that we can at least connect through my email list, and maybe even a free consultation. They really are free, I need to know I like your project just as much as I hope you’ll trust me with your dreams of a book. And when you’re ready, grab a freebie, buy my book or course, hire me as your personal coach or collaborator, get in on a multi-author project, and ideally, the annual author’s cruise.

Books change lives, for authors as well as for readers. It would be a privilege to be involved in yours in any way I can. ~ Rodney

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Products & Services





White Glove, Full Service

Writing a book is hard enough, and some find it impossible with the editing, design, production, and publishing! Whether you’re starting with an idea or have a full draft, work with Rodney directly, enjoy, learn, and create an awesome book!

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The Professional Biography of Your Family

We honor family members with expensive weddings and funerals, but even better is to have a professionally written narrative of a family member for the whole family to enjoy now and generations to come!

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A Great Way to Share Your Expertise and Your Message

People love collections of expertise and experience. The best-seller lists prove it! Inquire about the current project and its subject matter, and if the current project includes a celebrity foreword.

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With One Small Investment, Put Rodney to Work for You!

In my book, Creating Books, I describe the “modern author” as a savvy writer (and I redefine “writing” in there, too!) who focuses on what they do best and delegates the rest. Hire me to do whatever it is you need. Click for a full list!

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Author Coaching is a Specific Skillset

You deserve to have someone who’s been there, someone you can trust, someone you look forward to talking to who will share insights and possibilities, keep you from harm, and make the journey productive and memorable at the same time.

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Step Up, Stand Out, Create and Fill Your Funnels!

With a background in business and a modern understanding of marketing, publicity, and sales, I’ve developed products specifically for business, designed to produce ROI.

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Teach a Person to Fish, and Feed Them for Life

It’s taken me years and lots of passion, mistakes, research, and success to start sharing what I’ve learned and observed. A DIYer at heart myself, check out my materials on writing and publishing!

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Free Samples, Anyone?

I found my mentors through freebies, people like Joanna Penn, Jane Friedman, and Derek Murphy. See what’s free today and if it might help you, grab it! The list changes all the time.

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In addition to my own appearances and events, nothing makes me happier than to see author-clients making the most of their books! The slides to the right include some of the appearances these authors have made. New events will be posted as announced, so stay tuned! Subscribe for updates if you like, below.


Add Value to Your Event!

Inquire about having me appear at your conference or group meetup, or on your podcast, show, or blog.



Let’s Meet On the Road

Several times each year, I might appear at conferences or trade shows to share what I do. When arranged, I’ll announce them here. Meanwhile, contact me if you have ideas or suggestions!



Meet the Authors!

When Creating Books is released, I have lots of publicity and book signings planned (in part because I love the travel). In this area of the site I might also start announcing book signings author-clients are doing, so please check back, and of course, send me your ideas for favorite bookstores please! Unfortunately, there are fewer left for us bibliophiles.



The 2019 Itinerary Has Been Chosen!

Join us for a SEVEN-NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE and AUTHOR’S CONFERENCE departing from Port Canaveral, Florida, October 13, 2019! Meet other authors, have conferences and private sessions each day on subjects like writing, design, publishing, business development, marketing, publicity, finding corporate sponsors, and more!

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I PRIDE MYSELF on the results of a project, and I see them as three types:

  1. AN EYE-OPENING, FUN, MEMORABLE PROCESS which often leads to greater understandings of oneself, one’s life or business, new clarity, and renewed purpose and excitement for life and living.
  2. A “HEALTHY” AND “SUCCESSFUL” BOOK you are proud of (and can earn income from) the rest of your life. A “healthy” book actually sells and gets read, and a “successful” book accomplishes the goals you had in mind when you first dreamed up the idea of having a book.
  3. A NEWLY ENABLED AUTHOR who can now leverage and enjoy greater credibility and reach, with new opportunities afforded by a healthy and successful book.

Add to that when projects are “over” (I am always interested in the long-term success of you and your book), we are usually good friends, and that about sums up why I love my job so much. I’m not looking for a million clients. My ideal is that my small network of author-client-friends grows through the years, as do our careers.

It’s more fun that way. And when I see author-clients proudly signing books, appearing on television and radio, reaching more people with their messages, taking their regional success national, or just holding their book at their kitchen table with that warm smile, I have to think even Emerson would be proud. I know I am.