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Conservatism Made Really F**king Easy

 Author: Trey Radel  Category: Client Books, Politics

WARNING: This is a f**king foul-mouthed, laugh-out-loud book illustrating what makes America great: conservatism, capitalism, freedom, and American exceptionalism. You’ll read this book and scream, “America, f**k yeah!” Better yet, buy it for insufferable, illogical liberal friends or family. They will thank you or, at least, have a better understanding of what it means to be American.Conservatism Made Really F***king Easy addresses the pressing issues of the day, while showing what makes America so unique and special. With a few provocative lines in each chapter (if that), and loads of batsh*t crazy quotes and news headlines, you’ll laugh, think, weep, and most of all question the politicians f***king up this country. Conservatism Made Really F**king Easy is written so simple and so direct that even the most highly educated Ivy-league elite will understand it.