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Beyond Behind the Wheel: Road-Savvy Solutions for Today’s Demanding Driving Conditions

 Author: Patrick Lange  Category: Client Books, Education

With over thirty years of experience and having driven in excess of a million miles amidst some of the most congested and nerve-racking driving conditions anywhere in the continental United States, most of which while behind the wheel of an 80,000lb tractor trailer, “Beyond Behind the Wheel” author Patrick Lange has pretty much seen it all, and through it all has not only maintained a near impeccable driving record but also managed to calmly keep his wits about him within a profession that the Bureau of Labor Statistics deems as one of the most dangerous and deadliest jobs in America.Packed with a wealth of insightful trade secrets, “Beyond Behind the Wheel” is a go-to source for both the novice and the more experienced driver. In addition to a treasure trove of applicable skills, “Beyond Behind the Wheel” also speaks directly to our conduct behind the wheel as a whole. Aptly coined, “roadsmanship,” a not-so-distant cousin of sportsmanship, Pat contends that today’s commuting woes are every bit as much a human issue as they are a traffic issue.Indispensible. The definitive modern-day driver’s handbook. Recommended reading for anyone looking to elevate their daily commute by learning how to “finesse” rather than “fight” their way in and around challenging traffic.