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Smashing Balls: Golf, Opening Doors for Women

 Author: Dr. Debra Pentz & Peggy Briggs LGPA  Category: Client Books, Education

THE SMASHING BALLS BLUEPRINT for learning golf is easy, fun and efficient. It is written for beginner women golfers by women who learned to play golf when they were adults. Golf can empower women and enable then to compete in a man’s world. Golf develops networking opportunities and leadership skills for women. Golf also provides a great environment in which to be mentored and to mentor others. Be a stronger player in your organization, both on the golf course and in the boardroom. Smashing Balls is written to help the complete novice golfer overcome intimidation and to get into the game and onto the golf course quickly.

We believe with this book:
•You’ll be inspired to learn golf
•You’ll be entertained by the stories
And that:
•The written instructions are easy to follow
•Pictures and video links make instructions even easier to understand
•The book is for the true beginner – no golf knowledge is assumed
•The book is written for women, by women
•Golf will give you a competitive advantage in your career
•Golf makes it easier to build relationships
•Golf can be a family activity
•Golf is a lifetime sport