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Hershey’s Adventurous Life: Part 1: Hershey Finds a Home

 Author: Ogie Gardizi  Category: Children's, Client Books

WE ALL WANT A LOVING HOME, and we all want others to have loving homes. In Hershey’s Adventurous Life, take a journey with Hershey, the lovable and dapper dachshund lab mix, from his humble beginnings as a stray in the fields of North Carolina, through uncertain nights in a trap and a shelter, to finding his very own forever home and mom.

Hershey explores life and has many adventures in the city and with sports, when he realizes he might help other dogs in the same situation of being homeless, just as he once was. After much study and contemplation, Hershey discovers a solution for his canine friends, and realizes just the person who can help him do it!

And that, perhaps, is where the real adventure beings!

Read Hershey’s Adventurous Life to find out about all of this and how Hershey decides to help. Maybe you can help, too!