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Sour Notes: A Hawaii Teen in Crisis Finds Answers And Herself Along the Way

 Author: Michelle Hubbard  Category: Client Books, Fiction, Inspiration

It’s summer vacation and the hot high school band Kaleidoscope
is getting ready to perform at Oahu’s biggest event–SummerBash.
RONNI RODRIGUES loves her summer job at the Honolulu Star, but
wishes she had a boyfriend. Maybe STEVE ALBIOS, Kaleidoscope’s
guitarist and songwriter would ask her out if she were as skinny as
the other girls in the band, JOLYNN, KIMBER, and MEREDITH. Ronni
is too preoccupied with wanting her own guy to notice trouble
brewing in Jolynn’s romance with Kaleidoscope’s lead, KEA CHING,
or the pain of her classmate MALIA GONZALEZ. When Ronni meets
NOAH JORDAN everything seems perfect. And, she’s determined to
win his heart–even if it means risking her life!