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Inspiring Women Today: 3 True Stories, Volume A

 Author: Rodney Miles Taber  Category: Inspiring Women Today, My Books

“A wonderfully honest and refreshingly real collection of life stories, as told by the amazing people who lived them. It makes me proud to be among those who call themselves women!” —Jeanette Roberts, Retired Airline Professional

“Great stories. Everyone will find something that they can relate to in one, if not all, of these women.” —Jennifer Bober Duran, Funeral Director

“These are the types of stories that remind us that, as women, we are amazingly strong. But they also serve another purpose and that is inspire us to continue to fight the battles we face, making a commitment to not stop until we ultimately win.” —Christina M. DeBusk, Writer, Editor, Speaker

“Wow! Empowering and motivating! Dealing with grief, knowing your why, and the desire to help those who struggle—Amazing women! Testaments to the fact that no matter how difficult and painful an experience can be, you can change your life for the better. An absolutely empowering book that will allow women to find their voices with a possibility of changing their lives for the better.” —Liz Kelly, Addiction Recovery Professional

CANDID, TRUE STORIES by modern women like you who each have something profound to share and the guts to share it, the Inspiring Women Today series will become an indispensable source of inspiration you will always want to keep and share.

Beautifully designed in full color to enhance the vibrant and powerful stories of the authors.

In “False Evidence Appearing Real,” author Denise Duncan shares her heart-wrenching struggle from sleeping in a van with her daughter through her discovery of true friends and lessons in self-worth that led to breaking the Million Dollar Club, traveling the world, and landing her today on her feet.

In “Good Grief,” author and therapist Diane Diaz shares her lifelong brushes with tragedy, including the loss of her own son, and how these led to new hope for those she counsels and professionals she trains, as well as her making her son’s life as meaningful as his death, and how she finds joy and inspiration today.

In “Mexico,” author Audrey Boland tells the true story of her abusive childhood and abusive marriage ending in being abandoned in Mexico, and how it all came to together to lead to joy as a parent and the almost unexpected success of becoming a bestselling author.

And none of this steals the thunder of these tales as told in each author’s authentic voice. Buy, read, and share Inspiring Women Today, 3 True Stories, Volume A!