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No Bullsh*t Selling : The Power to Dominate Your Industry – No Bullshit Selling

 Author: Mark Maxon  Category: Business & Money, Client Books

FORGET WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW about selling and sales as a profession! In his new book, No Bullsh*t Selling, industry icon Mark Maxon explains the highly effective philosophy, methods, and tools he has found over an illustrious and long career for creating professional relationships and fulfilling needs so that individuals and companies alike can reach new heights in terms of sales, often in previously unbelievable timeframes. In this new book, chock full of secrets undivulged before, Mark answers vital questions such as:•What is the real reason so many people are unhappy? (Page 21)•What are the three things the universe seems to love? (Page 26)•What do high-ticket consumers find more important than price? (Page 51)•What kind of questions further a sale and what kind kill one? (Page 59)•What are the Five Steps of Highly Effective Influence? (Page 74)•What critical component must be included in your Introduction with a client? (Page 87)•What does 80% of your ability to make a sale depend upon? (Page 149)•And so much more . . . Buy, read, refer to often, and share No Bullsh*t Selling today!