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More Retirement Smarts: Plan Well and Retire Well: A Guide to Personal Finance for Those In, At, or Near Retirement

 Author: Thomas P. Marshall, MBA  Category: Business & Money, Client Books

HOW MUCH DO YOU REALLY KNOW about retiring, and how hopeful are you about retiring early and retiring well? Thomas Marshall, President and Chief Investment Officer of Virginia Estate and Retirement Planning Advisors, Inc., reveals the strategies and the tactics used by those in the know to accomplish a retirement most will only dream of.

It’s a brave new world in financial planning. Many of the old rules simply do not apply anymore, but there are powerful new laws and strategies you can use to affect your dreams—for yourself as well as your heirs and your causes. Find out, all in one place and without getting overwhelmed, about those topics you will need to know about to plan well, to retire well, and to retire early:

Chapter 1 Financial Planning
Chapter 2 Stock Market Myths and Realities
Chapter 3 Income Investing
Chapter 4 Retirement Plans and IRAs
Chapter 5 Taxes
Chapter 6 Estate Planning
Chapter 7 Insurance and Asset Protection
Chapter 8 Long-Term Care
Chapter 9 Your Health and the Economy
Chapter 10 The Tax Cut and Jobs Act of 2017
Chapter 11 The Most Overlooked Tax Deduction in America (Healthcare Savings Accounts)
Chapter 12 The Secure Act of 2019
Bonus Chapter: 8 Most Common Mistakes People Make When Planning For Retirement

As always, remember to consult a qualified financial planner and tax advisor to see how these ideas fit your specific circumstances. And here’s to your happy and prosperous retirement! Thomas P. Marshall, MBA,