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My Little Black Book of RED FLAGS: Never Be Tricked Again

 Author: Janette Allen  Category: Client Books, Education

What are the most important things to be aware of in your interpersonal and professional relationships? What if you could finally understand “what went wrong” and how and why you might have been used in the past? What if you could avoid being taken advantage of in the future? What if you had a simple gift you could give those you care about, that when armored with, will protect them as well?

The world is full of narcissists and sociopaths—not everyone, but enough to do damage if they go undetected. My Little Black Book of RED FLAGS, heart-fully prepared by an experienced counselor, is the handbook every parent, child, and young person must have, read, and share.

These are the things not generally taught in school—not high school or even beginning college years—yet these are the simple signs and solutions one can learn to use to detect harmful relationships from the past, the present, and to avoid in the future.

Buy, read, and share with those you love today.

Dysfunctional Family Systems Religious/Spiritual Abuse & Cults Parental Alienation Elderly Abuse Dangerous Personalities—Narcissists/Sociopaths Emotional & Mental Abuse (Intimate or Business Relations) Human Trafficking