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A Changing of the Heart: The Tale of the Hummingbird and the Goose

 Author: k. a. radish  Category: Client Books, Fiction, Inspiration

Kris Radish grew up dreaming about living a Nancy Drew-like life and always held her own passion for writing very close to her heart. A former journalist, nationally syndicated columnist, magazine writer and university instructor, Radish also loves to tell stories about the times she picked nightcrawlers, served beer to cowboys, worked on a tomato farm and hung out of the side of a fast moving helicopter.

Radish is now the bestselling author of 12 novels and has captured the hearts of legions of fans with her heartwarming, real, passionate and often hilarious books. Her stories focus on the important bonds of female friendship and celebrate the common feelings, heartaches, loves, and struggles that all women share. She loves to call her work “true fiction” because she addresses the real emotions that women live and share every day.

She is also the author of three non-fiction books, writes poetry, is the mother of two young and very feisty adults, is known for her wild laugh and wilder hair, and is working on her 13th novel and fourth non-fiction book. She is married to Madonna Metcalf, a wine sommelier who keeps her well supplied.

Following a year-long stint in a remote Colorado mountain cabin, Radish has recently re-located to North Carolina where she is always working on another book, hiking off her wine, trying to adjust to the hills some call mountains, watching her beloved birds, and laughing at the aches, pains, and hurdles of an aging but wildass woman-author!