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The Choice: Stories of Life, Love, and Learning

 Author: Delina Fajardo  Category: Client Books, Inspiration

Eleven stories of ordinary people choosing extraordinary lives.

We are all born with an extraordinary gift, the gift of choice, but so many of us either don’t see it or use it nearly enough. We choose from what’s in front of us, which is not always the best thing, even if it’s a good thing. We “choose” through life by what’s apparent or by default fall back on patterns we learned that might not be good for us.

In The Choice, we get a rare glimpse into the lives of eleven people who lead extraordinary lives. With varied backgrounds, beliefs, professions, financial success, and family situations, we see how a particular choice each author makes led them to lives of abundance in purpose, finance, freedom, and fulfilment, all while living for others as well as themselves.

Once you’ve read The Choice, you too, should recognize you have choices in places you never suspected, that some are hard and some are easy, but they are in fact choices and we are free to make them, and you are free today to choose what your life will look and feel like tomorrow.

Anyone who has gone down a path of tragedy, societal expectation, convenience, and even great success, has to make choices about the future. We want all who read this engaging book to see a little bit better how they too can lead lives of abundance and fulfilment, and that the secret lies within, in our birthright of the choice.