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The 8-Minute Money Manager: How to Simply and Automatically Add Millions to your Net Worth, Win the Game of Money, and Leave a Legacy in 4 Hours a Month

 Author: Brad Hart  Category: Business & Money, Client Books

Revised & Updated! WITH THE SUCCESS OF HIS FIRST BOOK, The 8-Minute Mastermind, Brad Hart follows up by sharing the core of his expertise as a hedge fund manager, financial coach and mastermind facilitator in The 8-Minute Money Manager, sharing closely guarded and little known secrets from the world of banking. Inside he distills five proven approaches to money management for income and growth, including strategies across a spectrum of low to high risk (and reward).

In his trademark casual and clear approach to teaching complex subjects and making them simple and easy to understand, Brad explains some of the most modern and powerful strategies such as creating a solid foundation, life insurance, debt instruments, portfolio investing, high-risk strategies such as cryptocurrency, and many more. And the best part is, with these techniques you can reduce your time involved to roughly 8 minutes per day and still grow your net worth into the millions. In fact that’s the whole idea!

Buy, read, reread, and share The 8-Minute Money Manager today. You’ll only wish you had started sooner!