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Phillip Pooped in my Pink Patent Leather Purse

 Author: Wendy Zell  Category: Biography & Memoir, Client Books

JOIN ME on this journey. We’ve all had our own struggles and challenges in life. I’m sure many of you have your own version of Phillip and the unexpected poop in your pink patent leather purse.

It’s not easy to share many of the stories I’ve written in my memoir, but my hope is that because I do, I can reach people who can relate. If I can help just one person it’s worth it! I want to hear your stories too. Together we can dodge all the piles of crap together, paving a path of forgiveness, self-compassion, love, and inner peace.

This memoir has been a passion project for me for the past twenty one years, and it’s here at last! Please buy, read, enjoy, and share!