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Personalize Your Grad School Essays: Be a person not just an application! And other helpful tips for applying to graduate school

 Author: Michelle Hubbard  Category: Client Books, Education

Many years ago, the admissions process included an interview with nearly every applicant. Now, that is not the case. Your best chance at being seen as a unique and worthy graduate school applicant lies in the only parts of the application YOU control—your personal essay, resume, and addendum. There are a lot of resources for you that cover this same information. Many will have completely different approaches and recommendations, and I encourage you to follow the guidance that fits and feels best for you. I DO NOT GUARANTEE THAT FOLLOWING MY APPROACH WILL NET YOU AN ACCEPTANCE TO ANY PROGRAM OR SCHOOL. However, I do believe it will give you a stronger application and an easier experience than if you go through the application process all by yourself.
I want to help you become who you want to be and accomplish what you want to do in the world. I want to help you receive the education and attention that will allow you to do that. Here is what I’ve developed based on all of my life experiences, personal and professional skills, and what I’ve seen work for my clients.