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Rebel with a Cause: The True Story of Jerry Tarkanian

 Author: Danny Tarkanian  Category: Audiobooks

In this, the definitive biography of Hall of Fame inductee and one of college basketball’s most controversial and successful coaches, son Danny Tarkanian takes us through a first-hand accounting of the life, controversy, and triumphs of historic UNLV coach Jerry “The Shark” Tarkanian.

From his immigrant roots through his own school days as an athlete, through the continual conflict with the NCAA and the eventual shocking outcome, with play-by-play action of the greatest games, and with a first-hand account of finally breaking through to win a national championship, Rebel with a Cause puts to rest the lies and establishes at last a worthy testimony to the life of this great man.

Written with stunning and engaging clarity and studded with excitement and celebrity, this is the first-hand account of Jerry’s son, Danny, as he himself lived and observed. Rebel with a Cause takes us vividly through a remarkable life, expounds on winning principles, cherishes family and friends, and in the end, satisfies.