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Choosing Magic: A Memoir

 Author: Karina Pacific  Category: Biography & Memoir, Client Books

They say that authors write the books they want to read. If so, the poignant memoir ‘Choosing Magic’ delivers author Karina Pacific much of the insight and guidance she so desperately needed as a child.

Born in Mexico to a father she never knew and an overworked, reticent mother, Karina’s story unveils a childhood filled with colorful characters, dark secrets of abuse, and a nomadic existence that bounced her all over her native country, eventually leading her to the land of opportunity – America.

Armed with inherent optimism, a love for Bruce Springsteen, and a blossoming relationship with God, Karina embraced her new life as an immigrant in the States with gusto, while meeting angels and ‘numbnuts’ along the way. With each experience she walked away armed with knowledge and lessons that her silent mother was unable to provide her. Learning to choose the magic of love and forgiveness, Karina’s touching and funny memoir reveals her journey to reconcile her relationship with God, her mother, and herself.