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Gret’s Rock: Through Life’s Greatest Joys and Worst Fears, We Find Our Way Home

 Author: Margaret O'Donnell  Category: Biography & Memoir, Client Books

Funny how life goes along, and Bam! You are swept off your feet by a love in your life, a child born and adopted into your family, anniversaries that bring such joy, deaths of loved ones, accidents, and trauma that you never expected to happen. Great joys and worst fears sweep us off our feet and take our breath away.

In the blink of an eye, Peg and Rick had their world turned upside down by a traumatic life event. When Rick was hit by a car, Peg found herself amid a medical battle, dealing with her husband’s traumatic brain injury. Their lives changed forever. Not only in their life as a couple but as a family; they had to persevere and find the strength to face adversity, fear, hope, and miracles.

Based on a true story, follow Peg’s encouraging journey through the toughest of times and hear how she learned to never take life for granted, live in the moment, and appreciate the simple beauties of the world around us. This love story brought worlds together with love— healing through trauma and the courage to move forward as life has changed forever.