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Missing Sarah Pryor: A Mother’s Testimony of Choosing Love over Grief and Emptiness

 Author: Barbara Smith Pryor  Category: Biography & Memoir, Client Books

ON WHAT SEEMED like a beautiful Wednesday, just six weeks after relocating and starting to settle in to their new home in Wayland, Massachusetts, Barbara and Andy Pryor’s nine-year-old daughter Sarah went missing during a walk after school on October 9th, 1985.

This is the Pryor family’s story of unspeakable tragedy and profound compassion and beauty. From the initial days that seemed like they would never end, through remarkable efforts and support by detectives, family, friends, and a grieving public, and through assistance and scandal by the press, Barbara remained hopeful that her youngest child would be found over the ensuing years of searches and reported sightings. Sarah would be missing for thirteen years, becoming one of the leading and most watched news stories in New England during the ensuing two decades.

In Missing Sarah Pryor, find out how Sarah’s story finally ends as this little girl teaches us all about the horror and the beauty in life, and share in Sarah’s gift to us all—her powerful legacy of love.