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The Book Dude’s Guide to Self-Publishing: How to Write, Edit, Design, Produce, Publish, and Sell Your Book Like the Pros Do

 Author: Rodney Miles  Category: Self-Publishing Essentials

RODNEY MILES, a 13-year veteran professional book collaborator (author, writer, editor, designer, publisher, consultant and coach) dispels myths and explains:
modern publishing,
the ten stages and best practices of creating a professional-quality book,
how to successfully market and launch your book,
how to start and grow your author career,
and much more.

There have been and continue to be major changes in publishing, which are vital for any self-published author to understand and use to succeed. Rodney explains these changes and warns against pitfalls and tricks in the industry. He then establishes what the “modern author” is, and guides us through his “book creation cycle,” detailing the specific stages and best practices a book goes through when done professionally. Throughout, we savor the joy of books, consider why books are special and how they improve the lives of readers and author alike.

Filled with personal and professional anecdotes and pro tips learned in a career he still loves, this is a must for any self-published author’s library.