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The Crimson Protector

 Author: Jeffrey Kranzler  Category: Children's, Client Books, Education

Middle-Grade Superhero Adventure Novel
The Crimson Protector is an action-packed superhero adventure that also teaches middle schoolers how to build confidence, overcome social anxiety and handle bullying!
James Gazt is tired. He’s tired of seeing kids being bullied at school and not being able to do anything about it. He’s tired of not having enough confidence to talk to his crush. But what can he do? Well, why not try to become a superhero? After all, it seems to work in the comic books he reads. With the help of his best friend, Gizmo Jones, he becomes the Crimson Protector! But will being a superhero be a dream come true… or a total nightmare?

Join James Gazt on his journey of friendship, coming of age, exploring values and virtues and saving the day all while navigating the transition from tween to teenager.

What Reader’s Are Saying…
“No matter where I went, I couldn’t put the book down. I couldn’t stop reading until the end of the book.” -Ozzie H., middle school reader

“This is a terrific resource for middle schoolers! Dr. Kranzler provides readers with fantastic tools to overcome social anxiety, handle bullying, and manage challenges in their lives.” -Jon Sperry, Ph.D., Co-Editor, Journal of Individual Psychology; Associate Professor, Clinical Mental Health Counseling, Lynn University

“The Crimson Protector has everything good YA fiction should have: fully fleshed out, realistic characters; cool action set pieces; multiple interwoven conflicts; some solid moral lessons; and, for keen-eyed readers, allusions to at least one major scholarly work of literature. Fans of comic book/movie superheroes will love this novel and so will everyone else!” -Scott Honig, Ed.D.