Wow, FIVE Years!

I HAVE TO BE honest, it looks like over five (yes, 5) years since I’ve updated my website or posted to this blog, but blogging and a new live vlog / podcast are not only planned but scheduled (to start Wednesday, April 12, 2023, see this site or sign up for updates).

It’s been a GREAT five years, actually. Lots of clients, lots of books, truly blessed to do something I love so much. Wouldn’t have gotten here with out (a) passion for what I do and (b) the crazy and patient support of others. And here I am. The only thing better now will be (current plans) to work and get my own titles selling / viable, and more beach and travel time. Ultimately, I have a project in mind that would take us all over, maybe even “van life” for a year or two, while researching and writing about history. We’ll see what happens.

But the real reasons for the new interest in the website and a podcast are:


For 13 years now I’ve provided planning, writing, editing, design, self-publishing guidance, and basic launch and marketing, but can now also provide services to MARKET and SELL BOOKS as well as AUTHOR CAREER DEVELOPMENT. I’ve started this with a handful of clients and focus on sales, reviews, and author growth, as opposed to more general branding and marketing. Selling books is a very niche speciality, and for lack of inexpensive alternatives out there (I know, I’ve tried), I can now provide these services with confidence.


My rates have grown through the years and I get to pick and choose who I work with and go deeper with each client as needed. Nonetheless, I do feel a desire / purpose to help more people, and in particular, ALL PREVIOUS CLIENTS to sell more of the books we made together and get MORE REVIEWS, while also learning about other opportunities with your book(s) and to find and master sales channels other than / in addition to Amazon.


I (finally) have a book coming out on the subject of self-publishing. At last. Finally. What the heck? It’s been a “cobbler’s kids” scenario, but it’s happening. As a lifelong bibliophile, just as a high tide raises all boats, so do MORE BOOKS. So my book (The Book Dude’s Guide to Self Publishing, launching July 18, 2023, soon available for preorder and samples, sign up for emails) for under $15 will guide someone completely through the process. An active blog and live weekly podcast are thus planned to support the book and create traffic.


In the past year I have had requests for individual consultations, and they’re now available. I can now help MORE people create great books. Very excited about that : )

Add to that I keep hoping to put together a “Writer’s Adventure Retreat” in Cocoa Beach, but want to see if there’s interest from a yet-to-be-formed community.

And so, I’ll try not to wait another five years, in fact it might be five minutes because I’ll try to blog again ASAP.

Thanks for reading!