Good Writing

STEVE MARTIN SAID, “Comedy is making people laugh without making them puke.” That, in essence is what good writing can be, striking a delicate balance that entertains and informs in most of our cases, without breaking milieu, being more interested in our subject than interested in ourselves, and just talking genuinely. As Hemingway said, and I paraphrase, “All first drafts are shit,” so it’s important to also understand good writing is developed, rarely simply spewed. But by flowing through a first draft and an optimum number of passes in editing, you too can bring out your inner writer in the best light and get results with your writing.

“Great writing” and “great writers” are other subjects.

Good writing depends on your genre and purpose.

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Write Right Through!

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ONE OF THE MOST common questions, complaints, and concerns I hear is that a writer edits while they write, or stops and edits a chapter before moving on, and so on. They get stuck. Stephen King and so many others recommend you do not do this–-do not start editing until you have your first draft. Then edit all you like. In fact use placeholders, such as (in fiction) “crime scene.” Then you can go back and talk to cops about crime scenes and so on. Continue reading “Write Right Through!”