Starting a Video Podcast Live Stream: An Open Letter to Robert

Hey my friend!

Let’s please reschedule our call of tomorrow (Will the next Friday, 4/28/23, same time 12:30 p.m. there work?) but do send me any current questions and here’s an update for video podcasting so far (more to come of course):

This is what I’ve concluded so far as the best way to get started with a video channel on YouTube. I am taking into account cost and ease and the ability to do a number of things.

1. First, create an account on YouTube and name your channel:
2. This video was excellent, FYI:
3. My plan is to create a livestream each week on YouTube, so we need the YouTube account and you need to enable live streaming which means a phone verification that can take 24 hours to complete. But I plan to use streaming software because this enables a lot, such as having a guest, using multiple cameras, adding banners and logos and comments to the screen, as well as “multi-streaming” (eventually), etc. I have looked at a few programs and chosen OBS as it’s powerful and always free. I recommend downloading that and starting to play with it:
4. The idea is I’ll use OBS and go live once a week with YouTube and any other channels such as Rumble, maybe Facebook Live, as I can easily multi-stream to live, but if it’s too tricky at first to do it all live, my hope is to record the live streams each week on YouTube and then upload the recordings to other video channels and audio podcasts as I can, mainly to Apple Podcasts, a Spotify Podcast, and Rumble video. (These are the most popular and my preferences, but if we simply did YouTube alone, even without OBS it would likely be very worthwhile with just YouTube.)

I’ll be working on this and still hope to start the podcast in April – My book launch is July 18 and the podcast is a large part of the plan and you’ll soon be invited to the Launch Team. So I’ll have more recommendations as we go, but let’s both get fun video podcasts going! It could be a great way to create traffic for Created for Success and your next : )

Thanks Robert!

God bless : )