I PRIDE MYSELF on the results of a project, and I see them as three types:

  • AN EYE-OPENING, FUN, MEMORABLE PROCESS which often leads to greater understandings of oneself, one’s life or business, new clarity, and renewed purpose and excitement for life and living.
  • A “HEALTHY” AND “SUCCESSFUL” BOOK you are proud of (and can earn income from) the rest of your life. A “healthy” book actually sells and gets read, and a “successful” book accomplishes the goals you had in mind when you first dreamed up the idea of having a book.
  • A NEWLY ENABLED AUTHOR who can now leverage and enjoy greater credibility and reach, with new opportunities afforded by a healthy and successful book.

Add to that when projects are “over” (I am always interested in the long-term success of you and your book), we are usually good friends, and that about sums up why I love my job so much. I’m not looking for a million clients. My ideal is that my small network of author-client friends grows through the years, as do our careers.

It’s more fun that way. And when I see you unboxing your first print copy, proudly signing books, appearing on television and radio with your book of expertise, reaching more people with your cause or message, or maybe just proudly holding your memoir or happily reading your children’s book to your child or grandchild, I have to think Emerson would be proud. I know I am.