Inspiring Women

I’M VERY EXCITED to announce the new special project, Inspiring Women! (The “inspiring” is both verb and adjective!) We’re accepting just 21 authors. You’ll have a professionally written and edited chapter telling your story, a featured bio with links in the back of the book, and your photo displayed on the back of the book, not to mention an author credit. And with this project, you’ll become an Amazon bestselling author (that’s easy), and we’re shooting for Wall Street Journal bestseller list as well. (USA Today bestseller list often follows.)

  • Who were your early inspirations?
  • Who has inspired you throughout your life?
  • Who inspires you today?
  • What do you do today that you love, and what challenges and lessons have you gone through getting there?
  • Who would you like to inspire today?

People need inspiration like never before, and they are best inspired by real-life stories. That’s what this beautiful book is all about, spreading inspiration, like one lit candle lighting others, all over the world. It’s easy to do with a professionally written, organized, beautifully designed, and well-published book. That’s what you’ll have when we’re done, and I’ll do all the heavy lifting.


Creating a book can be hard if not impossible if you don’t know what you’re doing. It’s not just a matter of writing — so many would-be-authors never get past that first step. For a professional result that has impact and influence, there’s professional editing, book and cover design, production and distribution, launch and marketing, and your long-term tactics and strategy for the success of you as an author as well as your book.


I handle all of that for you, from our recorded interviews and content-creating questionnaire, through your review and revisions, your input on design, my guidance on publishing and marketing, and launching your book. I’ll also coach you on how to start and manage your new life as an author, speaker, or coach. I believe the process itself should be exciting, challenging, and eye-opening, and once you learn the process, you can repeat it and create more books. And I love to see that, along with all you can do with a good book to your name.

Spaces are limited to 21, and we have 12 already as of 12/21/18, leaving just nine spaces left to fill. We are ahead of schedule and underway creating content and designing the book. If you are interested, reach me quickly because not only are places going fast, but this will likely be the first of an annual publication, and there’s a significant discount on the writing and design fee for the first volume. We’ll spend the first half (or less) of 2019 gathering authors and creating content, and publish by summer or the early fall of 2019. See if you qualify today, as spaces are going quickly!

Cover Survey #1, Created ~ October 2018

First Cover Survey Results

I’ve been surveying these first cover designs on my Facebook page, and here are the results:

While cover #3 was a clear winner in my general survey, I noticed the popularity of #5 picked up at the end and a good number of the women who have become a part of the project preferred #5, liking something a bit more bold. It led to new designs and a new survey (below).

If possible, it’s of course preferable to survey your specific target market when doing these surveys, but even if that’s not available, surveys are usually very telling and informative.

  1. #3, 29 votes
  2. #5, 17 votes
  3. #4, 11 votes
  4. #2, 8 votes
  5. #1, 4 votes
Cover Survey #2, Created 12/20/18

If you’re chosen to be a co-author of “Inspiring Women” . . .

As mentioned, my goal is to not only make the book a success (and I’ve done over 200 of them), but to make this a great experience for you. So I’ll do all the heavy lifting and you have the “ah-has.” This is a opportunity for you to re-examine, clarify, and celebrate the inspiration in your life, and to share your inspiration with others who need it now. That’s the over-arching purpose, and there are so many other benefits to your involvement:

  • A beautiful, professionally written and published book you can be proud of the rest of your life;
  • A community and accountability so you actually get published!
  • A brag-worthy publishing credential, regardless if this is your first book or your tenth;
  • A way for you to easily share your message and your purposes with people all over the world;
  • Creation of your personal legacy;
  • The opportunity, with a book, to launch a new career or chapter in life as an author, speaker, or coach;
  • Media and publicity opportunities a book creates for sharing your messages;
  • A new income stream through sales of wholesale author copies on your website or at speaking or other engagements;
  • A PDF version of your book you can gift in exchange for adding to your email database and growing your list;
  • Bestselling author status (Amazon is easy, and we’re shooting for Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller lists);
  • In addition to this book finding new readers and subscribers for you, “cross-pollination” of readerships with your co-authors;
  • New friends and colleagues for life;
  • You’ll learn, first-hand, the process of professionally writing, producing, and publishing a bestselling book;
  • Your story professionally crafted into a chapter of Inspiring Women;
  • Your author profile featured in the back of the book with your bio and links;
  • Claim the book as yours on your Amazon Author Central profile;
  • Invitation and discount on your conference fee if you attend the annual author’s cruise.

Inspiring Women will be published between July and September of 2019, and will be published “wide.”

Inspiring Women will be published in all major formats:

  • Ebook
  • Paperback
  • Hardcover (cloth with dust jacket OR case laminate)
  • PDF (for your use in marketing)
  • Audiobook

Your book will be published through BIMINI BOOKS and available through over 39,000 retail outlets across the world. This means you can contact bookstores and libraries and arrange to have book signings, readings, and other events because your book will be professionally distributed through INGRAM.

Do you qualify?

To be accepted as an author you must have a genuine desire to share your inspiration with others and be candid and open about yourself; you must commit to obtaining at least five (5) reviews once the book is published; and you must make the author investment either at the discounted rate in advance or make consistent payments on a payment plan. Chapters will be roughly 2,500 words or 7 to 10 pages in length. Author profiles will be 1 page each. Publisher will decide on the arrangement of chapters for the best possible book.

You are not required to market, sell, or buy copies (but you can at wholesale, with no publisher mark-up), and you’re not even required to write your chapter! That we can handle through a prepared questionnaire and several live interviews. The more involved you are in the process, the more you will get out of the experience.

SIMILAR PROGRAMS require an author investment of $3,500, or $7,000, or even more, but in at least one case, publish only on Amazon as paperback, effectively making it unavailable in bookstores, excluding the massive number of people who prefer e-readers, severely limiting the sales and exposure of the book, and in effect, limiting your message and opportunities, as shown by the small number of reviews. Inspiring Women will be published wide; written, designed, and published professionally; and available around the world as an ebook, paperback, and hardcover. Accordingly, I’ve determined a great value and viable rate for involvement to be the following:

In my practice I’ve always offered a payment plan or a discounted advance fee rate, so you can get involved one way or the other. And while I feel these rates are a great value and a great long-term investment that can change your life or your career, for the remaining spaces left in this/first-year’s project, I’m offering a special rate below for a limited time.


And enjoy all of the benefits and new opportunities of becoming a bestselling author!

THIS PROJECT IS QUICKLY FILLING WITH INSPIRING WOMEN (It was announced in late October 2018 and only 9 of 21 chapters are still available) but for the first-year’s edition, and to wrap the content creation stage quickly, I’d like to offer the remaining spaces at HALF THE RATE for a LIMITED TIME. Claim your spot or book our meeting today!

If we have never met, or if you have other questions about becoming an author of Inspiring Women, please schedule a time for us to talk at your convenience from my available meeting times by clicking below.