As Publisher

POWERS PRESS, an “imprint” or sub-brand of BIMINI BOOKS, was initially created for the Inspiring Women Today series of books in 2019. The brand is devoted to books that convey real-life experiences and wisdom that when shared are intended to broaden our perspectives and horizons, to engage and inspire, and to compliment our own real-life experiences with those of others who have perhaps been through things we have or possibly will, along with how they overcame or learned from them to get where they are, all helping us better experience, enjoy, and share life. I am proud of and excited about POWERS PRESS and our initial book series, Inspiring Women Today.

Inspiring Women Today: 3 True Stories, Volume A

By Denise Duncan, Diane Diaz, and Audrey Boland

CANDID, TRUE STORIES by modern women like you who each have something profound to share and the guts to share it, the Inspiring Women Today series will become an indispensable source of inspiration you will always want to keep and share. Beautifully designed in full color to enhance the vibrant and powerful stories of the authors. Available now as a free ebook on most platforms, as well as in paperback and hardcover editions.

Inspiring Women Today: 21 True Stories, Volume 1

By Erin Mahoney, Betsy Jordan, et al.

21 CANDID, TRUE STORIES by modern women like you who each have something profound to share and the guts to share it.

Coming soon! Planned launch in August, 2019. Visit to sign up for updates and offers!

YEARS AGO, I was forming up a team that would fluctuate between one and twenty-five writers, an editor, a graphic artist, and a project manager, all to complete the many book projects that needed ghostwriting and creating for clients at the time. Together we helped create over 200 books, from the collaborations with authors, management and training of writers and editors, file formatting for e-books and layout and creation of print books, cover design, and production and marketing of published works.

But as exciting and challenging as the ghosting was for all involved, most writers still held a dream of publishing their own work, so I created Bimini Books, a small publishing house of lifestyle titles. It became an aggressive project of learning the writing and publishing business, with great excitement. “Each day we learn a month’s worth,” it seemed, as we read, observed, tested, and consulted with friends and colleagues who were experts in the business. The result was Bimini Books, my first publishing endeavor.

I wanted a name that reflected lighter fare—music, holidays, short fiction, happiness, and so on, It became a matter of “which island in the Caribbean to name the business after,” and which held some relevance or meaning. Bimini is a tiny getaway for fisherman, boaters, and lovers of flip flops, reachable by small craft off the east coast of Florida. It’s where I proposed to Dawn, my wife, over twenty-five years ago. She said yes. We are still married today.

Wampus Cat’s Cure for Alcoholism

By Tom King

“Tom King’s family stories and legends from East Texas, introduce a fascinating collection of oddballs, characters, hound dogs and unusual ancestors. From Wampus Cat’s mother-in-law’s amazingly effective alcoholism cure to . . .

Give Guns a Chance

By Tom King

“Loaded” with historical fact and real-life stories, Give Guns A Chance! offers a fresh and sometimes surprising perspective on the basic issue of personal firearms. Follow the characters and the many all-too-close calls in recent history . . .

The Happiness Flow

By Tom King

Computer guys have a saying that goes, “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you put bad stuff into your computer, bad stuff comes back out. Conversely, if you put good stuff in, you’re more likely to get positive things back out again. . .

Christmas Gifts

By Tom King

Authors Tom King and Mary Katherine Keen dig into their hearts to share these four touching, uplifting, and memorable short stories based on real life events. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all you’ll recall the spirit of Christmas . . .

My Father’s Heart

The Poems of Ferris Ray Paxton

Come along as Ferris Paxton celebrates his life, his love, his family, and sublimates tragic loss and war through one of the most critical periods in the history of the United States and of the world, all told through poems, stories, and pictures.

The Kiss

By Bill Hamilton

Young love, true love, opportunities taken or missed and their effects on our lives, and it can all come down to a kiss. In Bill Hamilton’s romantic short “The Kiss” he takes us through all of the above to the eventual resolution, and all . . .

Los Angeles in a Day

By Nirupama Naresh

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA is a pulsating energy vortex and is one of the most captivating cities in the United States of America. The warm weather, busy markets, beguiling beaches and lively locals make this one of the most sought-after cities . . .

First Love

By Zu Barnes

First Love: Does love last forever? Can it be revived? Even those who are lucky enough to taste true, young love can find themselves caught in the hectic pace of life later in life, yearning for what seems lost, just as with Vanessa and Nicky. But . . .


A Short Biography of “Weird Al” Yankovic by Douglas James

We all know the parodies, now know the man! There’s a human story behind all celebrities and “Weird Al” is no exception. Through his birth, upbringing, humble start, big break, through marriage and embracing the digital age, “WEIRD” takes you . . .

Christmas in the Dominican Republic

By M. Alexa

FOR EVERYONE AROUND the world, Christmas invokes a special feeling. It does not matter if you live in the United States, Panama, Chile, Canada, Russia or in the Dominican Republic—each country and culture has its own special Christmas . . .

Black Coffee

A Short Story by S.M. Penner

I SPREAD THE blanket out under the cedar tree and nestle the two coffees in the grass. It is one of the highlights of my week to sit with Grandma for a while. We understand each other like no one else in our family. We don’t even need words . . .

All You Need is Love

Compiled by Rodney Miles

THE FOLLOWING ARE real stories from real people, in their own words. Some are small, seemingly mundane or everyday occurrences, while others are much more outstanding. What they all have in common is the fact that they display love and kindness . . .