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Scared AND Sacred

Therapeutic adult coloring book by Michelle Hubbard

Michelle Hubbard is a Transformation Specialist who speaks, teaches and writes on how Leading with Fear is Leading with Strength. She is committed to helping people express their unique gifts and sacred purpose for being on planet at this important time.

Hope & Healing: The Case for Cannabis

By Dr. Joseph Rosado with a Foreword by Professor Lumír Ondřej Hanuš

“But this book, more than being about me, the law, or even medical cannabis, is rather about hope. I wrote it because I want to show you in very simple terms why and how medical cannabis works, and from my own experience as a practicing physician . . .”

From Frustrated to Fabulous

By Amanda Jane Clarkson

“Amanda is an amazing coach and mentor who makes me feel empowered to believe that I can achieve success in any area of my life.” —NOELENE D.

Leadership Snapshots

By Grete Christoffersen

“Grete has managed to put simplicity to such a big theme! A Lean ABC leadership guide that belong on any leader’s desk. My guide for weekly reflections. Thank you!”
—MICHELLE MEEDER, Head of Service GEA Group

The Power of Done

By Cynthia Freeman, Life Strategist

Get what you want. Get in a space where you are productive and can make things happen by shifting your physiology and focus, and truly live in your best zone. The Power of Done will teach you proven, simple, effective . . .

Ganbaru Mindset

By Luke Amery

Relive the tragedy and triumph Luke Amery went through in his battle with brain cancer–a battle he has won. “Ganbaru” is a Japanese term which means to “stand firm” in spite of circumstances, to do even more than one’s best. . .

The Choice

by Delina Lila Fajardo, Phill Ash, Yuri Cataldo, Ryan Charaba, Chad Crowell, Marion Ejan, Brenda Fairchild, Jason Graciano, Brad Hart, Anton Liberopoulis, Gretchen Stewart, Rodney Miles

Eleven stories of ordinary people choosing extraordinary lives. We are all born with an extraordinary gift, the gift of choice, but so many of us either don’t see it or use it nearly enough. We choose from what’s in front of us, which is . . .


By Claudia Frustaci

As she says in her forthcoming book, Frustaci, “When you really understand suffering, the joy of giving and helping others is so liberating that it’s a good place to be. . . You don’t ever want anyone to go to that dark place . . .

Book in Progress, Check Back for Updates!

Getting Healthier

By Dr. Martin Gelman

With all of the modern disruption and controversy in health care, new models which are patient-centered are appearing. And now, after 40 years as an accomplished nephrologist, Dr. Martin Gelman has decided to expand his practice and modernize . . .

The Sun Above the Clouds

By Paul Hebert

In Paul Hebert’s inspirational memoir, The Sun Above the Clouds, travel back to a day when men cleared wooded homesteads by hand and horse but raised their families with violence. Watch Paul escape his upbringing to find joy and purpose . . .

Hand Crafted

By Dr. Hoe Bing Lo

. . . When parents are connected with their kids, it almost doesn’t matter what technique they use. The kids will have the security and the certainty of that connection. Another one of the basic keys to parenting is being aware—not necessarily “mindful,” . . .

Book in Progress, Check Back for Updates!

Girl Power Guidebook

By Erin C. Mahoney

THE GIRL POWER GUIDEBOOK, together with the Girl Power Journal give you all you need to deliver and get the maximum out of the empowerment program for girls between the ages of 8 and 13 taking the U.S. by storm! In this life-changing course . . .

Girl Power Journal

By Erin C. Mahoney

THE GIRL POWER JOURNAL contains the original and complete program founded by Erin C. Mahoney that is taking the U.S. by storm, empowering young girls between the ages of 8 and 13 to discover themselves as powerful, smart, happy, and amazing! . . .

Positive Vibes

By Erin C. Mahoney

THERE ARE SIX POWERS all women have but too seldom use. There are unexplored worlds women neglect. But as limitless as a woman’s potential might be, as valuable and important to the world as well as those closest to her, the path to happiness . . .

Winning Ways for Living

By Kurt Krueger

AFTER MORE THAN 45 years of dedicated research, study, practice and education, the systematic approach developed by Kurt Krueger, founder of Success Systems International and internationally sought-after speaker and trainer, is finally . . .


By Betsy L. Jordan

Building a business is a commitment of time, effort, and resources. In this book series we are giving you a practical system to use which will speed up your success. Each of the Seven Tactics for hitting the bull’s eye in your business . . .


By Betsy L. Jordan

The coach’s coach, Betsy Jordan, in her groundbreaking new series, COACH!, seven keys for the beginning coach, reveals the other hidden natural laws that can limit your client’s progress, if not stop it completely. Once understood and embraced . . .

The Secret History of Dice

By Donald Taber

We’ve all played games with dice, of course, but where did they come from? Who invented dice and where and why? Were they always used for games or have they played an even . . .

into blue

By Kristen J. Thompson

Poetry for the heavy hearted

Goodbye Fat Ass Hello Bad Ass

By Bonnie Lefrak

HAVE YOU EVER felt like you owned every diet book in the world, and they now stare at you from the shelf and you feel stuck and you don’t know what the right answer is? Well, I have some answers for you. I have them because I went through the same . . .

Book in Progress, Check Back for Updates!

Alchemy for Everyone

By Matt Lohmeyer, PhD

HOW WOULD YOU like to get more of what you want in life without causing others to get less, but on the contrary, to get even more of what they want as well? Well of course you would. The problem is we might not enjoy being “shark bait,” . . .

Book in Progress, Check Back for Updates!

Grad School Essays

By Michelle Hubbard

Many years ago, the admissions process included an interview with nearly every applicant. Now, that is not the case. Your best chance at being seen as a unique and worthy graduate school applicant lies in the only parts of the application . . .

Law School Essays

By Michelle Hubbard

Many years ago, the admissions process included an interview with nearly every applicant. Now, that is not the case. Your best chance at being seen as a unique and worthy law school applicant lies in the only parts of the application . . .

Sour Notes

By Michelle Hubbard

It’s summer vacation and the hot high school band Kaleidoscope is getting ready to perform at Oahu’s biggest event, SummerBash. RONNI RODRIGUES loves her summer job at the Honolulu Star, but wishes she had a boyfriend. Maybe STEVE ALBIOS . . .

Live What You Love

By Alison Pilling

This book was created so you can live what you love and get paid for it, and further so you can develop good money management and grow your own self-worth. Now, when you’re young, is the best time to do this! And this is my mission . . .

Book in Progress, Check Back for Updates!

Tuxen Method

By Tonje Tuxen and Silje Tuxen

BETTER RESULTS WITH LESS EFFORT, the TUXEN METHOD is a new philosophy and application of the ancient technique of therapeutic cupping based on modern physical therapy, massage therapy, and a thorough clinical reasoning, while integrating . . .

Smashing Balls

By Dr. Debra Pentz and Peggy Briggs, LPGA

Smashing Balls: Golf, Opening Doors for Women helps you navigate through the golf world in an easy and fun fashion. The stories inspire, entertain and educate you in the language and etiquette of golf. This book gives business women a . . .