As Co-Author

365 Rock Star Quotes

By Alison Taylor and Rodney Miles

We mean it when we say “surprising and inspirational!” Well over 500 pages, this was a bona fide labor of love over several years of picking and choosing not just a quote for every day of your year, but also short, quippy, sometimes stunning bios . . .

Christmas Around the World

By Zu Barnes and Rodney Miles

Ever wonder if and how they celebrate Christmas around they world? We did! Here’s what we found out and it’s amazing! We’ve loaded this book with great, traditional recipes from around the world and think this just might be a must-have . . .

Thanksgiving Around the World

By Zu Barnes and Rodney Miles

What’s the true meaning of Thanksgiving, and ever wonder if they celebrate Thanksgiving in other countries? Turns out they do. In fact annual celebrations of a bountiful harvest can be found all over the world, each with fascinating . . .