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Marketing today makes extensive use of funnels. Simply, if you have a large product you’d like to sell and you have a large number of people who are “cold” or unaware of your service, they have to be introduced to you and warmed up, after which a percentage will buy from you. The best way to do this is with sales funnels.

And that’s simple enough. Start with an ad or write an article with free, valuable content so people will think well of you and want more. Then, offer a FREE SPECIAL REPORT. This is usually something more extensive than an article. You give the report away for free in exchange for their email address. You then email them a link to a web page where they can download your special report as a PDF.

It’s called a funnel because you get as many people in as you can and with each step of the funnel a percentage will continue on with you, first becoming a subscriber, then a buyer, and then a buyer of bigger things. So a critical early step with someone is to make a good impression with your free special report! That’s where I come in, and I’m running a special.

These will be $500, but with the launch of this new website, I’m offering FAST SPECIAL REPORTS for a limited time for only $250 to get a few under my belt and have a few people out there telling their friends. What’s included is listed to the right.

And it’s all approved by you! Share some of your expertise so people will seek you out for more.

You can purchase yours easily, by clicking below. No coupon code needed. Then set our interview up at your convenience by scheduling here. We’ll need an hour and we’ll discuss things to include in the report.

  • Up to 2,500 words of finished, edited content
  • Based on your supplied materials and a one-hour recorded interview
  • Additional research performed by me as needed
  • Includes professional cover design
  • Includes professional interior layout and design
  • Formatted as a PDF you can upload to a web page for others to download when you share the page link
  • Satisfaction guaranteed!

Once you have a subscriber on your email list you can keep sharing with them and offer more services. A percentage will go all the way with you and become your best clients, but you have to offer something to get people signed up to start with. This is “Marketing 101” in 2018. See Russell Brunson’s book, DotComSecrets. Meanwhile, take advantage of my special by clicking below.

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