Assume Success!

MANY OF MY CLIENTS are, with their books, seeking to stake a claim on a niche or step up to being an authority in their field. Many already are. Either way, branding is what now sets us apart, and perhaps that’s been true ever since there was no longer a “town doctor.” As we become more and more in number, we need to find ways to differentiate ourselves and ideally, stand out (for good reasons) and be the first to come to mind. Continue reading “Assume Success!”

To Launch “Hard” or “Soft”?

Image (C) Wikimedia Commons

THE LEAD TIME for launching your book will vary depending on your purposes and resources. If you are building a career as an author, it might also depend on whether this is your first book launch or not. The formula for viability as an author is simply books x readers = sales. That explains in part why publishers will tell you the best marketing for your book is always your next book. Continue reading “To Launch “Hard” or “Soft”?”