Being the author of a good book is life-changing.

Becoming one can be too, if it’s done right.

When we had our daughter, despite the challenges, we had my wife to a midwife, an obstetrician, a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and our all-natural family doctor, each on a regular basis. And we had a launch plan! It was a kiddie-pool set up in our bedroom for a water birth. When that didn’t shake out, we had Plan B, and Fallon was delivered successfully by C-section at Helen Ellis Hospital in Tarpon Springs, Florida. Ten fingers, ten toes, all signs good, knitted hat and binkie, the great migration of family to see her had already begun. A “healthy” baby.

Erin Mahoney, founder of Girl Power Go, author of three books, speaker, coach, and trainer.

Your book should be healthy and set up for success. You should enjoy and remember the process, as well. Some people need help writing, some don’t have the time, and everyone needs help with the steps that lead to a professionally produced and published book.

  • You can hire cheap, finding writers, an editor, designers, and technical folk for just hundreds of dollars, but risk lost time on setbacks, miscommunication, start-overs, and a learning curve.
  • You can hire expensive, finding a writer, say between $20,000 and even $100,000. While these often come with traditional publishing connections, you sort of commit yourself to a traditional publishing path and share rights, royalties, and even creative input.
  • You can buy a package from a “service publisher,” often personality-driven or associated with a larger publisher, write your draft yourself and add expensive editing and be sold other services, but I’ve seen the mass-production approach and what it does to a project.
  • The most efficient and reliable thing is to work with an experienced collaborator who can take you through the entire process, one with a reputation and a vested interest in the quality and long-term success of you and your book.

With most collaborations, I work “for hire,” which means for a fee and for a name credit either on the cover or inside the book, as we decide. We start by discussing your ideas and your goals. I’ll plant important seeds early on, so we’re ready when it’s time for book cover design and surveying, marketing and launch, and your long-term plans for yourself and your book. As much as possible throughout the process, it’s all done for you, by me.

We find the best methods for us to create content. It usually includes a series of recorded interviews and any notes or materials you may have found or created. Once we have a draft we like, we can send it out to beta readers for feedback and for advance reviews, endorsements, and a foreword as well. I handle all of the development, editing, and revision for you.

With your completed book cover and content samples, you can begin marketing your book in advance if you wish. I’ll advise on how to start building an author platform and build your author infrastructure with advice on your web design and email list, even before your book is released.

I’ll design the interior of your book along with the rest of your cover (spine, back, flaps) for all formats (ebook, paperback, possibly hardcover) and create a marketing description and author bio for use in your book and author marketing and publicity. I’ll create the files you need to produce your book and recommend what publishing platform to use or help you with a crowdfunding campaign and/or seeking a traditional publisher as your coach in all of these things. You might also seek corporate sponsorship. Whether it’s just me and you or you hire professional marketing and publicity, I’m your coach as you wish all though these stages as well as through your book launch. We’ll arrive at custom publishing, launch, and long-term strategies that suit you.

If self-publishing, I’ll orient you to the platform where your book will become available for sale to over 39,000 retailers worldwide, set up in such a way booksellers will be willing to order your book and have you for book signings. This platform is also where you will be able to order author wholesale copies. I can often get my hands on a publisher’s coupon for free uploads to Ingram (saving you hundreds, possibly), and I’ll assign you some of my own ISBNs (saving you hundreds). Your book will be professionally designed and appear on sites like Amazon, Barnes &, iTunes, KOBO, Google, and thousands of others.

Of course, we should discuss the steps to make your book an Amazon Best Seller as well as other best-seller lists, along with your new life and career as a best-selling, published author! And there are lots of opportunities for well-published authors!

We often know when we need (or are “pregnant with”) a book, it’s often when we’ve decided to share a story or expertise broadly, or when we’ve hit a glass ceiling and are ready to step up. Would you like to work with someone interested in your story, who will craft it with expertise and package it so others want to buy and read it, and who will make the whole process easy and fun, maybe even profound and life-changing? That’s how I believe creating a book should be.


I won’t take a project I don’t love and get excited about. And I keep my workload manageable by keeping a waiting list. All full-service projects start with a free, introductory, live meeting, to see if this is the best path for you and your book. I’ve worked hard to create this kind of practice, one that does not depend on a million clients and one where each project gets the attention and creativity it deserves. One where each book is launched “healthy” and accomplishes the author-client’s goals, sometimes even more.

I’ve found the following three full-service packages cover most client needs very well. I invoice securely with PayPal, offer cash discounts for advance payment, or I’m happy to arrange easy pay plans. Respectfully, rates are non-negotiable and subject to change and availability.

Whether you start with only an idea or you have materials in development, full-service will get you there the most reliably and smoothly. And if you don’t start today, when will you?

You Made the Whole Process Super Easy

It’s been huge, and the coaches that I coach . . . the one who initially shoved me into putting this all together, he now wants to make sure when he has a new group of coaches that they have the book. Very exciting. Super excited. . . I looked forward every single time we got together to get another chapter or two out of my head and into a recording that could be transcribed and edited. . . I loved doing them. It was really awesome to have you as an audience and funny—I felt it was easy to put the book together. . . you made the whole process super easy to me.

Cynthia Freeman
Pioneer/Coach and Author, The Power of Done


Packages below are for full-service NONFICTION. I create your content from interviews, any notes or other materials you might have, and research I do as needed. My standard is to make this all easy, enjoyable, and even enlightening for you! All packages below are all-inclusive from concept through successfully published.

That includes collaboration, planning, interviews, transcriptions, cover design and surveys, interior book design, developmental editing and beta readers, copy editing, formatting, production, uploads and orientation to platform(s), launch strategy and planning, niche and/or wide distribution, and guidance throughout your launch.

If you have a draft already, edited or not, please see my Get Me Published! packages by clicking here. Collaboration on fiction is also available and word and page counts are higher, so please make an appointment and we can chat.

Little Book,
Big Deal

Smaller nonfiction books of up to roughly 100 pages (up to 15,000 words), often poetry, affirmation-type books, or short PDF books (often used as “list magnets”) with full graphic design.


or $900 per month for four months ($3,600)

Usually Just Right

Medium nonfiction books of roughly 100 to 250 pages (25,000 to 30,000 words), often books of expertise or shorter memoir.


or $2,000 per month for six months ($12,000)

Lots to Share

Larger nonfiction books of roughly 250 to 350 pages (50,000 to 60,000 words), often thorough treatment of a subject or full biography.


or $2,000 per month for twelve months ($24,000)

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