By Rodney Miles


{Secrets of} CREATING Winning BOOKS

By Rodney Miles

This is my new book on writing books! I have about 150,000 words written and it’s time to now develop, tweak, and design the book. I’ll be surveying these things on my Facebook and in my blog. Please, subscribe to my email list below, at the bottom of this page, for updates on the book and much more.


Back at work on my own book, as the thought of its release became more real, and when considering the publishing question, “With all of the books out there on writing books, why would someone buy mine?” I decided to play with the title and cover design. Here is the survey board with a few of those ideas and the quick survey results. Derek Murphy, who I have followed, read, and learned quite a bit from, was gracious enough to give me his two cents as well, preferring #1 or #2 as they seem more professional:

  1. (WINNER) Cover #1 with 15 votes
  2. Cover #2 with 11 votes
  3. Cover #7 with 4 votes
  4. Cover #5 with 3 votes
  5. Covers #4 and #6 with 2 votes each
  6. Covers #3 and #8 no votes

Luckily, this makes this pretty clear for me. It clarified that as I still sell services, covers 1 and 2 help me promote my brand and build engagement and trust. I always recommend your image on your cover if this is the case, especially if you plan to speak or consult. If that’s not the case, if you are simply interested in selling books, your image may not be necessary (a la Malcolm Gladwell, etc.). So in my case I’ll go with more professional rather than the whimsy of the other covers, which, while I enjoy it, would be more appropriate for my goals if I was simply providing books for writers. I’d like to do that and more, in my case (like engage with more people about collaborations and future conferences, etc.).